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Sydney Wholesale Bakery Supply for Supermarkets, Retail & Convenience Stores

Do you own or manage a Supermarket , Retail or Convenience Store and looking for a bakery supplier?

Bad Boy Bakehouse is a Sydney based, family owned and operated wholesale bakery specialising in the supply of baked products for Supermarket, Retail & Convenience Stores. We have an extensive range that Supermarket, Retail & Convenience Stores can benefit from including a large variety of donuts, breads, pastries and many bakery products to add value to your offerings.

The Supermarket, Retail & Convenience Store bakery food industry is a competitive market. Finding the right wholesale supplier can make all the difference in guaranteeing the quality and freshness of your products. Partnering with a reliable supplier ensures a steady supply, allowing you to consistently meet customer demand.

We work on building strong customer relationships that are built on trust. Our service is based on customer satisfaction and we work with you to produce products that you want and need, adding value to your range and creating products that sell.

We offer flexibility in terms of product development and encourage opportunities for collaboration, such as new product launches and promotions.

Finding the right bakery wholesale supplier is crucial for maintaining success and growth in the supermarket and retail bakery industry. That’s why Supermarket, Retail & Convenience Stores are choosing Bad Boy Bakehouse as their Wholesale Bakery Supplier. 

At Bad Boy Bakehouse, we pride ourselves on being the top wholesale supplier for supermarket bakery goods in Sydney. Our team of expert bakers work around the clock to provide fresh, high-quality products to our clients. We offer a wide selection of bakery items, from bread and pastries to cakes and desserts.

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business – from production to customer satisfaction.


Our team of experienced bakers produce baked goods daily and as a wholesale supplier, we proudly supply Sydney Supermarkets & Retail Stores with our tasty baked goods 7 days a week. 

​Our bakery in Sydney uses only the best locally sourced ingredients to create fresh baked products such as breads, donuts, muffins and more. With thousands of satisfied customers and a presence in 2000 cafes and food venues across Sydney & Newcastle, our customers can trust us to provide delicious bakery products for their stores. 

Our bakers are innovative, passionate and most of all, dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products. We understand that producing the perfect baked goods that are certified with the highest food safety standards is extremely important. We are proudly HACCP Certified to ensure your peace of mind. 

We bake fresh to order and also have the capacity to supply frozen baked goods Nationally. 

We use high quality ingredients from local suppliers and we have an amazing team of product quality control leaders that check all our baked products prior to packing to ensure they are perfect each and every time. ​

We have the resources and capacity to supply even the largest Supermarkets in Sydney as well as the whole of Australia.

We are highly skilled and experienced in large volume manufacturing and can easily support Supermarkets and Retail Stores with their bakery food requirements. 


Contact us today by phone on 0417 777 113 or via email at to learn more about our wholesale supply to Supermarkets and Retail Stores.

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